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Lapidary Services

Lapidary to the art of cutting a rough gemstone into a finished product.  At Cornwall Gem Traders we specialise in cabochon cut gemstones, repairs, re-cuts and restoration.  Our expertise comes from 25 years of cutting Australian Opal.  We currently do not undertake any faceting work, we can cut facet stones into cabochons or buff top stones.

We are well regarded for our Opal restoration and re-cuts in the United Kingdom and deal with many international clients.

Services & Prices

Contact us to arrange one of the following Lapidary services.

high grade opal rough piece, red green fire

Rough to gem cut

Starting from £45.00

We take your rough gem and cut into a finished cabochon ready for setting.  We offer cutting packages for larger parcels over 10 pieces. Cabochon only.

Cornwall Gem Trader - Opals ready for cutting (2).jpg

Re Polsih


Is your gem looking tied with scratches and scuffs.  Leave with us for a few days and she will come back shinning bright and refreshed. Cabochon only.

group of high gfrade cut Mintabie opals.

Restoration & re-cuts

£60.00 each

Opals with deep scratches and chips will need to go through a restoration service, we may even suggest a full recut.  This service covers full recuts if you want to reshape your gemstone. Cabochons only.


Our cutting services uses professional Lapidary equipment and while can care to taken to complete the job safely gemstones are unpredictable in their formation.  If damage does occur during one of services or the end result is not as desired due to inclusions or faults we are not held liable for this.  We will always advise before cutting once we have seen the material at our workshop.

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