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African Rubies - select size from menu​​​​​


Beautiful natural rubies from Mozambique, Africa.  Colours range from vibrant pink/red to deep red.  Ruby is one of the most popular traditional jewellery gems and is very durable.


Moderate inclusions.


Heat treated.


Price is per stone


About Ruby


Treatment: heat and clarity enhanced

Colour: Pinkish red to deep pigeon blood red.

Luster: Adamantine, Vitreous

Birthstone zodiac sign: Capricorn

Associated month: July

Crystal system: Hexagonal

Chemical formula:Al₂O₃

Hardness (Mohs hardness scale): 9

Size variations: can vary 0.3mm each way on all dimensions given




The ruby has been believed to make its wearer more aware, more focused, and remain alert. There are also those who believe the stones can improve trouble with eyesight and blood circulation.


All orders are sent recorded delivery UK and International. 



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