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Diamond round light yellow 3mm options, a light hint of yellow.


A ladies best friend! Timeless and elegant for all projects. Diamonds are still the classic choice for your designs. Conflict free diamonds from a trusted source we have been buying from for over 20 years.


Price is per stone 


Treatment: Natural

Conflict free source

Luster: Adamantine - Bright and brilliant

Associated month: April

Crystal system: Cubic

Chemical formula: 

Hardness (Mohs hardness scale): 10

Country of origin: Worldwide

Size variations: can vary 0.15mm each way on all dimentions given




Hindus in the ancient times strongly believed that the vibrations of a diamond render a very positive aura to many organs of the body and brain and heart in particular. Other healing powers of diamonds also include protecting the owner from driving away bad dreams, fight depressions and preventing apoplexy.


Diamond is one of the best-known and most sought-after gemstones. They have been used as decorative items since ancient times. The hardness of diamond and its high dispersion of light — giving the diamond its characteristic "fire" — make it useful for industrial applications and desirable as jewellery.


All orders are sent recorded delivery UK and International. 


Diamond round light yellow 3mm options

£189.95 Regular Price
£170.96Sale Price
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