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Citrine 8x6mm oval - light yellow


Citrine is a classic gemstone to chose for that warm sunshine hue. Popular gentleman stone suited in gold and silver jewellery.


Price is per stone


Treatment: Natural

Luster: Vitreous

Associated month: November

Crystal system: Hexagonal crystal system

Chemical formula: SiO₂

Hardness (Mohs hardness scale): 7

Mineral class: Quartz

Country of origin: Brazil, Madagascar

Size variations: can vary 0.3mm each way on all dimentions given




It releases negative traits, depression, fears and phobias. Emotionally balancing. Energising and recharging, Citrine also reverses degenerative disease and helps balance chemical imbalances in the body. Beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, it stimulates digestion, the spleen and pancreas.  Along with internal organ aid, citrine helps maintain healthy skin, nails, and hair. It also works as a skin alleviant due to irritations and allergies- especially those that are brought about by food or chemical intolerances.


The Many Healing Properties of Citrine

  • Increase Optimism, And Sunny Cheerfulness.
  • Improve Manifesting Skills and Powers.
  • Align All Your Chakras.
  • Cleanse Your Aura.
  • Aids Digestion and Improves Mental Clarity.


All orders are sent recorded delivery UK and International. 


Citrine 8x6mm oval - light yellow

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